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OK, Sorry for this announcement, but I'm gonna put the comic on hold. I resently lost interest, and I didn't feel like making a new comic for quite some time. the reason is is that I'm preoccupied with flash animation. If I make new flash cartoons, I'll update this page and let you know like that. Sorry. No more comics right now.


Keenspace is going through shit. Just bare with me, people.

I have put Paypal on this site, which can only mean one thing... I'm Broke! I need money! Please Donate, and if ya do... ... I will be your best friend. During my free time, I made a completely new comic called #BOTVGH Life, which stars me and my friends that I know in chat. It's somewhat in jokey when it uses chat referances, but whatever, ya know.

LiveJournal Users. You can now read Straight Line on your LJ's Friends list. visit here. this is all apart of the The Comic Strip Gathering on LiveJournal. Dig it.

the Forum should be back up. for how long? I dunno, but it's up!

Saw a bunch of movies. Forgot which ones I seen. Took pain killers.

Well, Yeah. That's all I can recall.

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